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Emskee. A giant name that’s familiar to those in tune with him, but still beyond the awareness that many should have of his talent.

Known first as a DJ’s dj, and then as a prolific lyricist and songwriter, Emskee always attempts to push the parameters of what’s assumed as standard within the projects he’s apart of.

Having amassed a healthy collection of vinyl over the years since the early 80’s, and a forever student of hip hop culture and beyond, Emskee is a major player who’s star is continually rising.

As a DJ, whether it’s classic hip hop, soul, funk, disco, house……or whatever is needed in the moment, Emskee steps to the task and provides an awesome soundtrack at events. And as an MC, he is definitely not a one dimensional talent.
He hosts a wicked soulful house music, deep disco, and international dance sounds show called “Controlled Substance’ on friday late nights on SG 1 House Radio out of London.
He has vocals on two house tracks to his credit that have charted high on Traxsource with Muzikman Edition called “Ready To Jump” and “Season Of The Witch”. Emskee is also apart of a house remix of the Gil Scott Heron classic “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” soon to be released.

As an accomplished MC, his skills and dedication are exemplified through the variety of talent he continues to collaborate with. Most recently, he’s just released an EP with the very talented Milkcrate crew from Toronto. Then there’s his foundation group, The Good People with his partner Saint since 2006. He’s also been apart of a hip hop super group, The Rampagers, feat. Oxygen, Phil Most Chill and producer Jorun Bombay. He has also worked with legendary, Grammy Award winning producer Easy Mo Bee on an album called “Two For One” on Fresh Pressings Records out of London. More work has seen Emskee collaborate abroad with Boca 45 out of Bristol, and Dj Format out of Brighton.
Continuing on, his early 90’s demos and NYC radio promos were pressed to vinyl by the Diggers With Gratitude label also out of London, which was his first introduction to releases overseas. His resume continues to extend.
As he rhymes on one of the Rampagers 7″ singles, he can deliver “remakes or ill originals/whether in a group project or individuals”. Flavor indeed.



My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca

Humble, yet staunchly dedicated to a template of substance, Emskee refuses to waver on, or compromise the soul of anything. He’s here to make sure that his name is continually synonymous with excellence, and nothing less.

Visit Emskee’s mixcloud page for both live and radio show mixes:

For Emskee’s discography with his group The Good People:


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